SONY DSC I love the city of Cincinnati!
I come from a hard-working family, in which I was taught family values, and how to take pride in working hard. I believe in equality, diversity, and working to provide opportunities for those who seek them. This is why I am running for City Council.

I have spent the last eight years working with Mayor Mallory at City Hall as Director of Community Affairs to improve Cincinnati. In my time spent working for the people of Cincinnati, I learned a lot and gained a great deal of experience. If elected, I plan to focus on economic development, business development and increasing Cincinnati’s tax base and population. Making our neighborhoods strong is essential. I believe that we have to continue to grow as a city, and I would like to help foster that growth and Move Cincinnati Forward!

In the past ten years, we have seen Downtown Cincinnati emerge from an unpopular place to be to a very popular place to be. Our downtown has always been our economic engine, and people are now finding the area as "The place to work, play and live" because of the successful developments in the Central Business District.

Cincinnati has 34 unique business districts throughout its 52 distinct neighborhoods. The focus on development of the Central Business District is no doubt very important; however, I would also work to continue to cultivate relationships with key neighborhood stakeholders to ensure that development happens in each city business district. In addition, I would continue to fund and support already existing programs designs to help neighborhood development. For instance, the Focus 52 fund concentrates on development and investment in communities. The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) is another good example of city efforts to invest in neighborhoods. At this time, The NEP program enhances three neighborhoods a year. I would work to increase our efforts so that we are able to impact more neighborhoods more quickly.

A city’s level of livability has everything to do with the quality of its neighborhoods. Making sure our neighborhoods are strong, is very important in being able to let all know that Cincinnati is a real destination and open for business and families.